Product Characteristics

● It has obvious effect on the prevention of hoof disease, arthropathy and skin disease of livestock. Compared with cement floor and wood floor, the incidence of skin disease, hoof disease, joint disease, mastitis and other diseases of livestock decreased significantly when cow mattress was used;

● The floor laid by cow mattress is neat, comfortable and beautiful, and has good anti-slip effect, which can avoid cow falling down and falling injury, reduce the expenditure of medical expenses, reduce the elimination rate of cow, improve milk yield and improve economic benefits;

● The elasticity of the cow mattress and the special design of the surface can massage and protect the cows, and can eliminate and reduce the fatigue caused by the long-term establishment of cows;

● Low investment and high return. Cow mattress has good corrosion resistance, anti-aging characteristics, service life of 5-7 years;

● Cow mattress heat insulation, cold resistance, moistureproof, can save the cost of straw, and easy to install and use, easy to clean, welcomed by the majority of breeding farms。




(Legnth*Width*Thickness)  mm




Dot on top, groove on bottom


Rubber powder+

Mineral filling material

Cow shed, milking parlour, Farrowing room, horse farm, softball field


Dot on top, groove on bottom


Rubber powder+

Mineral filling material

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