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Environmental Controller

Environmental Controller

The environmental controller precisely controls temperature and humidity within your grow area. It adopts latest intelligent controlling technology, combing temperature, humidity, ventilation with livestock raising technology, and realizing united control. Controller can form automatically a sheet of temperature change curve drawing as per temperature input relative parameters. It features with stable control over temperature, humidity, reasonable ventilation and accuracy and reliability, etc.

It has 11, 20 relay output, respectively controls over fan, heating equipment, cooling submersible pump, air inlet window, rolling curtain and alarm output, etc. In the meantime, it also has 2 team of 0-10V imitate output controlling over 2 teams of speed adjusting fan.

Besides, controller also has communication function with RS485. Through host computer, it connects with multiple controllers. Real time running condition can show at computer terminal for checking any time.

Environment controller gf-911


Environment controller gf-lino-touch

GF Lino Touch


environmental controller input output

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Product Parameter

Product Parameters
Humidity sensor47
Indoor temperature sensor36
Outdoor temperature sensor11
Relative humidity sensor11
Pressuresensor input
CO2 sensor
Relay output1120
Fan team69
Heating area13
Fog spray1
Air inlet on/off22
Hanging curtain on/off2
Imitate output22
Adjustable fan rpm22

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