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Evaporative Air Cooler

Industrial Air Cooler Evaportative Cooling Pad with Ce Certificate
Industrial Air Cooler for Workshop Cooling

The air cooler is composed of a special paper corrugated honeycomb wet curtain with a large surface area, an energy-saving fan, a water circulation system, a float valve water supply device, a casing and electrical components. When the fan is running, a negative pressure is generated in the cavity of the cooling fan, so that the air outside the machine enters the cavity through the wet curtain with strong water absorption. The water on the wet curtain evaporates in adiabatic state, taking away a large amount of latent heat, purifying and cooling the oxygen. The cold air is sent to the workshop by the fan, and the convection is continuously convected to cool the workshop.

industrial air cooler
evaportative water cooler


Widely used in:

  1. Textile, clothing, injection molding, casting, toys, printing, electronics, laundry, boiler room and other high-temperature industrial plants;
  2. Shopping malls, supermarkets, waiting rooms, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and other public places;
  3. Greenhouses, livestock, flowers and other agricultural field;
  • High performance
  • Innovative design
  • Corrosion proof
  • Explosion proof

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