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Exhaust Cone Fan with Fiberglass Blade

The Gofee High CFM Exhaust Cone Fan with Fiberglass Blade is designed to provide movement of air in exhaust systems.  Suitable applications include exhaust in industrial factory/greenhouse/animal husbandry in multi-story, multi-family buildings.

The fan casing is made of molded fiberglass reinforced plastic (also available in hand-glued FRP), and the fastening screws are detachable for easy maintenance. The fan ensures the negative pressure throughout the workspace. The fan is mounted on the side or top of the building and can be installed on sideways or vertically. If side wall ventilation is used, the exhaust direction is horizontal. Gofee fan is suitable for environments where the exhaust temperature does not exceed 60 ℃. In order to achieve a better exhaust cooling effect, it can be combined with cooling pads.


fan with fiberglass blade
certificated by bess lab


  • Industrial fields

Textile, socks/clothes making, glass, molding, rubber, coating, silk-screen printing, toy, electronics, home appliances, shoe making, printing, food stuff, processing, dyeing, laundry and other workshops with high temperature.

  • Civil fields

Net bars, stores, supermarkets, mess hall, food markets, waiting-rooms and recreation places and other occasions with air-conditioning.

  • Agricultural &horticulture fields

Large farms, greenhouse and livestock farms, etc.

  • High performance
  • Innovative design
  • Corrosion proof
  • Explosion proof

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  • Driven with high efficient motor, power saving.
  • High grade motor base, lubricant bearing.
  • UV resistant mould shaping glass fiber reinforced fan housing material, corrosion resistant, maintain color and shape.
  • Stall limit configuration prevents motor overload and airflow increase, improve efficiency and save energy.
  • Air downstream made PVC shutter, stop insect and air counter flow. Shutter open by air, minimum wind resistant.
  • Inlet and outlet conforms to airflow dynamics science, maximum high air performance.
  • Motor is fully enclosed structure, with very high protection level, IP67, F Grade, reliable and long service life.
  • 18″ fan housing to be manually formed. (optional)
blade casting machine
Shell Mould Press
wind test lab
Real Thing

Main Parts

Shell(Molded Fiberglass)


Mould pressing fiberglass or artificial fiberglass

fiberglass blade



Base Bracket(Aluminum)

Base Bracket


brushless motor cone fan

Fan Motor

Pure copper coil, IP67, F grade.



Peer bearing

PVC Shutter

PVC Shutter

Longevity, cleaning, comfort.

Protection Gird(Painted)

Protection Gird


Product Parameter

Model and Parameters
Static Pressure and Airflow
Item No.GF-16-FR-T-MT-ZQ-0.18GF-24-FR-T-MT-ZQ-0.37GF-36-FR-D-MY-ZQ-0.75GF-48-FR-D-MY-ZQ-1.1GF-50-FR-D-MT-ZQ-1.1
Fan size(inch)1624364850
Rated power(W)18037075011001100
Rated current(A)
Rotating speed(rpm)1380920680540540
Blade diameter(mm)40660991412051270
Blade qty35633
Driving modeDirect
Motor IP gradeIP67
Motor insulation gradeF
Fan outer size(WxH)(mm)550×550860×8601180×11801480×14801450×1450
Wall hole size(WxH)(mm)500×500780×7801090×10901390×13901380×1380

* The requested motors are available to be ordered.

*ZQ-Direct drive, PD-Pulley drive, D-3 phase fixed speed,  T- 1 phase variable speed, B-3 phase variable frequency, FR-glassfiber blade, MY-Molded fiberglass shell, MT-artificial fiberglass shell

Product Name16″24″36″48″50″
Static PressureRate Power(kW)0.180.370.751.11.1
50PaAirflow(m³/h)2800 164001580017800

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