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Galvanized Belt Drive Box Fan

Greenhouse fan

Shutter: with a  centrifugal system which can ensure the shutter open and close automatically, and  makes it dustproof, waterproof.

Motor: the high efficient and energy-saving motor with protection grade IP55, insulation class F

Belt: Automatic tensionner to prevent the belt loosing and dropping off

galvanized box fan for poultry farm


  • Industrial fields

Textile, socks/clothes making, glass, molding, rubber, coating, silk-screen printing, toy, electronics, home appliances, shoe making, printing, food stuff, processing, dyeing, laundry and other workshops with high temperature.

  • Civil fields

Net bars, stores, supermarkets, mess hall, food markets, waiting-rooms and recreation places and other occasions with air-conditioning.

  • Agricultural &horticulture fields

Large farms, greenhouse and livestock farms, etc.

  • High performance
  • Innovative design
  • Corrosion proof
  • Explosion proof


  • Fan blade is made of Krupp stainless steel by punch forming, no dust, attractive and durable. Special blades shape design ensure large air volume, no deformation, no broken, keep air volume same all the way.
  • Motor voltage and frequency could be customized. 
  • Fan belt pulley is made of high strength aluminum-magnesium alloy by die-casting which reduces the weight of blade impeller complete, high corrosion resistance. Special three reinforced ribs pulley design. Blast-sanding treatment for attractive appearance, eliminate internal stress to improve its own rigidity and stability, never broken.
  • Fan bearing adopts imported double-row bearing with special waterproof design, water can’t enter. High strength, lower noise, maintenance free and long service life.
  • Centrifugal system open the shutters at complete 90 degree to ensure the lowest air resistance and biggest air volume. When closed, the sealing can efficiently block light and wind into the poultry farm house. As the first one adopts high quality nylon 100% to ensure the long service life. The fasteners of centrifugal system all are copper rivets, wear-resisting and no rust, flexible. Guide rod is made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring the high strength, no rust, reduces frication.
Galvanized Belt Drive Box Fan

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Product Parameter

Model Power(kW) Voltage(v) Frequency(Hz) Speed(RPM) Diameter(mm) Noise(db) Fan outer size(mm) Wall hole size(mm)
GF-XS-50 1.1 380 50 483 1280 <75 1390×1390 1400×1400
Model Power Static pressure Pa 0 25 50 75
GF-XS-50 1.1KW in.H2O 0 0.1 0.2 0.3
Air flow m³/h 38045 34648 30443 24780
cfm 22380 20381 17908 14577
Energy Efficiency Ratio m³/h/w 29 24.6 19.9 15.2
cfm/w 17.06 14.47 11.7 8.94

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