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2020,Struggle to Promote High-quality Development of Gofee

Posted on May 25, 2020 by Charlie Sue

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2020 is destined to be a special year, it is the breakthrough of thousands of foreign traders. Gofee is constantly developing in the face of opportunities and challenges.

The main products of Gofee Motor include: exhaust fans (poultry house fan, pig house fan, cow house fan, greenhouse and workshop fan), cooling pads, air inlets, etc. In order to meet customer’s needs, we are also developing the pig pen and chicken feeding line system.

This year, We are committed to new product development and improvement. Gofee  Intelligent Permanent Magnet Motor was grandly launched. Gofee has been engaged in research and development of motors for 16 years. It has developed disc permanent magnet motors suitable for galvanized exhaust fan and fiberglass ventilation fan. It has high protection level (IP68), direct Drive, stepless speed change, energy saving.

FRP fan.jpg

PM Motor Fiberglass Cone Fan

In order to meet customer needs, We have another galvanized exhaust fan assembly line following the FRP fan automatic assembly line.  The new type fiberglass fan with PAG blade is good in quality and low in price, and our fiberglass box fan is favored by customers. With the arrival of summer, there is more demand for cooling pads in Southeast Asia and other markets. New and old customers place orders recently, and our black coated cooling pads are especially popular.

assembly product line.jpg

Automatic Assembly Line

wind tunnel.jpg

Wind Tunnel Lab AMCA standard

cooling pad produce.jpg

Cooling Pad with Black Coating

So far, Gofee has achieved a number of independent intellectual property rights and R & D achievements, among which the wind tunnel laboratory built according to GB1236 and AMCA-210 standards has reached the domestic advanced level. We won many honors such as "High-tech Enterprise" this year. This month, we passed the  North American ETL certification, which indicates that Gofee fan has obtained the permit to formally enter the North American market.

Box FRP Fan

Gofee actively participates in online exhibition registration, leveraging the "cloud exhibition" to further develop domestic and foreign markets. Taking the initiative to participate in online seminars,  to know the industry's cutting-edge information and find the development path under the new situation.

The epidemic is only temporary, and will eventually be defeated by human beings. We must have confidence that the world is a big factory,international trade will definitely more and more prosperous. Hope that Gofee can contribute its own power to the animal husbandry industry and provide good ventilation equipment for customers  around  the  world.