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More Developments for CIS Market

Posted on Mar 22, 2020 by Charlie Sue

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After getting nice feedback from last Agro-FARM exhibition in Moscow 2019, Heze Gofee Motor Co., Ltd joined it again in Feb, 2020. The professional livestock expo Agrofarm attracted 165 exhibitors from 21 countries and other 10,000 participants in All-Russian Exhibition Centreon .

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Russia is a country with a vast territory.Recent years, Russia has vigorously promoted the development of animal husbandry, and promoted  poultry and pork's exporting according to the food security guidelines. Russia plans to  achieve full self-sufficiency in meat, milk and canteens in next 4-5 years . And It is what we expect as well. After all,the development of animal husbandry is the basis for ensuring people's living  standard.

GOFEE shows more new models of exhaust ventilation fans specially for Russian CIS market. Cow house fan, Roof fan, galvanized tunnel fan, fiberglass wall fan, cooling systems etc.Gofee people couldn't present personally due to COVID-19 in China then, but local  partners helped us t at our booth B4.6. GOFEE brand ventilation system products were welcomed by many vistors from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc..


Clients were very interested in Gofee high quality  fans and other equipment for farm/livestock. And an advanced pig breeding Cooling system sample was ordered on the first day. Customers have been much impressed by Heze Gofee Motor’s ventilation Products and speak highly of our farming ventilation systems.And they also got GOFEE's gift trolly.

Looking forward to early victory over the Covid-19 with common efforts of each country. Believe there are more new chances and more development in Russia CIS markets.