Gofee's Products

Complete solutions for Poultry house , Livestock, Greenhouse, etc.


Staff access without opening the door, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Easy to disassemble, can earn to move, according to the needs of breeding, summer can be placed in outdoor pergola, winter can be placed indoors;

It can provide a comfortable environment for calves, avoid cross-infection and improve the survival rate of calves.

Clean, plentiful drinking water is a prerequisite for high milk production. Our company can provide users with high-quality insulation water trough,

Spherical convex surface evenly distributed, anti-slip massage. The grooves on the lower surface increase friction with the ground,

The swinging rotary brush can rotate in any direction at the most comfortable speed of the cow, so that the cow can fully enjoy a comfortable life from head to tail and from back to side.

Cow house fans are widely used in cow houses, with good cooling effect and strong ventilation capacity;

Evaporative Cooling with Gofee Evaporative Cooling Pads is the ideal and most economical method of cooling

Professional heater for poultry farm and cow farm. 100% heat exchange efficiency,

The vertical direction of the airflow can make the ventilation in the house more uniform, avoid cross-infection of lateral ventilation,

Barn Air Inlet Roof/Ceiling with dual sides or four sides ventilation window, opening automatically in different size according to negative pressure change.

Gofee multi-layer inlet window with double layers sunshine board used to bring the outside air via the walls.


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