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Farrowing Stall

Farrowing Stall the thickness of the PVC fence is 35mm and the height is 500mm



  1. The thickness of the PVC fence is 35mm and the height is 500mm
  2. The metal fence is made of solid round steel with a diameter of 20mm, the whole is hot-dip zinc, the thickness of the zinc layer is ≥80um, the corrosion resistance is strong, it is easy to clean, the overall design is bolted, and there is no need for on-site welding;
  3. Both front and rear doors can be opened to facilitate the entry and exit of pigs
  4. With its own anti-pressure bar, it can effectively prevent the sow from overwhelming the pig when lying down;
  5. The food trough uses a stainless steel food trough with a bolt-type installation structure, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning;
  6. Sow area uses ductile iron floor, hot-dip galvanized steel beam support, piglet activity area uses plastic floor, glass steel beam support


  1. It can provide healty and safe sanitary conditions, reduce the disease of piglets;
  2. The PVC fence provides a closed environment for the piglets to keep warm
  3. Rounded and smooth design features reduce risk of injury
  4. Length and width of crate can be customized;
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Farrowing  Crate 2.jpg
Farrowing  Cstall 1.jpg


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