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Fattening/Finishing Crate/Stall

Fattening/Finishing Crate/Stall Standard specification of stall: length*width*height=6000mm*3000mm*1000mm



  1. Standard specification of stall: length*width*height=6000mm*3000mm*1000mm
  2. The stall consists of uprights. The rails and gates are assembled by splicing together, no on-site welding is needed, and the installation is convenient;
  3. The stall is hot-dip zinc, and the thickness of the zinc layer is 80um.
Finishing Crate.jpg
Fattening Stall.jpg
Finishing Stall.jpg
Fattening Crate.jpg
  1. The whole stall is hot-dip galvanized, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, outstanding durability
  2. Divided into small group for easy and convenient management.
  3. Length and width of crate can be customized;
  4. Wet and dry feed troughs are used in fattening beds to supplement pig feed and drinking water, while achieving dry and wet separation


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