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Weaning/Nursery Stall

Standard specification of stall length*width*height=6000mm*3000mm*750mm



  1. Standard specification of stall length*width*height=6000mm*3000mm*750mm
  2. The stall is composed of uprights, PVC plates and round tubes. The whole uprights and round tubes are hot-dip zinc, the thickness of the zinc layer is ≥80μm, and the corrosion resistance is strong;
  3. The door adopts the form of a hook, which can be opened in two directions to facilitate the entry and exit of pigs;
  4. The thickness of PVC board is 35mm, and the height is 500mm;


  1. Humanized design,it is labor saving;
  2. The PVC board provides a relatively closed space, which is helpful for the pig to keep warm;
  3. The floor is a plastic dung leaking floor, easy to clean, and the piglet is also more comfortable;
  4. The enclosure is made of PVC plastic steel plate. The surface is smooth and without burrs.,outstanding durability
  5. Length and width of crate can be customized;
Standard Specification for Plastic Floor(mm)
weaning crate.jpg
nursery crate.jpg
weaning stall.jpg


Gestation stall 6.jpg
Gestation stall 5.jpg
Gestation Crate 1.jpg
Gestation stall 9.jpg