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Two Opening Door Butterfly Air Inlets

Gofee two opening door butterfly air inlets for swine market. Its curved blades direct air along the ceiling for proper air mixing and minimizes condensation and freeze-up. Great for minimum to maximum ventilation when you need precise control of air movement. Barn air inlet has a totally insulated housing ABS engineer plastic and PVC insulated filled lids means no exposed insulation.

Gofee two-way inlets


  • Helps to direct the required amount of airflow into the correct place in the barn, controlling accurately the inlet air flow volume
  • Used in conjunction with fans operated by a winch motor controlled by a computerised ventilation controller
  • Low energy requirement
  • High level insulation
  • Long lifespan material made of ABS plastics, PVC
  • Quick & easy to clean
  • All weather resistant
  • Making the livestock barn free
  • Anti corrosive, anti aging, no deforming
  • Resist high temperature and cold, high intensity, sealing tightly, double layer temperature preservation.

Product Parameter

Product Parameters
MaterialABS engineer plastic and PVC plastic-steel material
Opening modeDriving opening
Window size LxW(mm)730x560x160800x560x1601210x560x160
Installation size LxW(mm)670×500740×5001150×500
Air flow capacity(m³/h)10pa340037305796

*Air inlet width is fixed, the length could be customization as required.

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