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Window Blinds

Window Blinds

This is a ventilation window blinds for side wall ventilation and fan shutters of the farm. It can be installed directly in the wall or as a fan window blind. For wall mounting method, driving way is mechanical opening. As fan shutter ,the driving way is negative pressure. 
The height can be customized with a high proportion of the base layer, and the width can be customized to any size to meet the ventilation needs of different scenes.
This ventilated window frame and slatted edging are made of PVC material, which is resistant to aging and is not easily deformed. The louver is a double-layer PC sun board with good light transmission, anti-aging and long service life.

Gofee shutters


  •  Height is customised as per layer height. Width is customized in any sizes for different ventilation demand.
  • Helps to direct the required amount of airflow into the correct place in the barn, controlling accurately the inlet air flow volume
  • Used in conjunction with fans operated by a winch motor controlled by a computerised ventilation controller
  • Low energy requirement
  • High level insulation
  • Long lifespan material made of ABS plastics, PVC
  • Quick & easy to clean
  • All weather resistant
  • Making the livestock barn free
  • Anti corrosive, anti aging, no deforming
  • Resist high temperature and cold, high intensity, sealing tightly.
Gofee window blinds case 2
Gofee window blinds case 1

Product Parameter

  • A: layer height of window blind 165mm
  • B: outer height of window blind 11100mm
  • C: installation height of window blind 1010mm
  • D: frame width 50mm
  • E: outer width of window blind
  • F: installation width of window blind


Layer qty Installation height(mm) Outer height(mm)
Five 845 945
Six 1010 1110
Seven 1175 1275
Eight 1340 1440
Nine 1505 1605

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