March 08, 2019

Bangladesh WPSA

March 7-9TH, 2019 , 3 days long '11 th International Poultry Show and Semimar' was organized by the World Poultry Science Association --Bangladesh Branch(WPSA -BB) in Dhaka.


11th International Poultry Show and seminar -2019 has been working to upgrade the farmer's efficiency through introducing modern technologies and updated efficiency equipments and tools to provide poultry feed and all stakeholders of poultry industry minimizing raising cost.


We, Heze Gofee Motor Co.,Ltd contribute a lot  through this show and platform .  Our key products of ventilation fans are widely used in Poultry house , whatever Broilers and Layer buildings . With it high efficiency and power saving performance ,more and more customers in South -east Asia countries purchased and installed Gofee 's fiberglass shell fans , blades with cast aluminum in the feed buildings . All Gofee's exhaust fan are  strictly tested and certified  ex-work by GOFEE Wind  Tunnel Test Lab  in same standard as AMCA   .  Fiberglass and propeller are  Guaranteed to be used lifetime and  Direct drive fans are also available ,which are much lower on power consumption and maintenance than Belt drive ones.


Besides be as a manufacturer of Ventilation fans , our paper Cooling pad also very favored by Bangladesh farms . Strong and longtime , and good water absorption  and evaporative   cooling down performance ,with good and impressive lower prices attracts many Equipment dealers' and livestock farmer's interests .


We also have Broiler & Breeder Nipple , feeders ,drinking cups and Endkit ,regulator etc feeding and water lines available , we have factory and  own equipment to produce and process these parts with much stable quality and low cost price.  


Heze Gofee and our  Distributor  in Bangladesh will take all efforts on providing  drawing design , all equipments ,installation and after- sale service to Association countries and regions, dedicating to build new or reconstrution farms or  on basis of thoughtful and professional solution for Bangladesh people and customers which are from all over the world.



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