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Complete solutions for Poultry house , Livestock, Greenhouse, etc.

Poultry House Equipment

The Gofee series Broiler Equipment is widely used in Chicken houses.

It is composed of hopper, feed pipe, screw auger, material pan, suspension lifting device, motor and material level sensor.

flat feeding for broilers, broiler breeders, laying hens, commercial ducks

The water pressure is adjusted quickly and stably, with a large adjustment range (the adjustment range is 06Mpa)

The plastic is made of high-quality ABS raw materials, without adding any secondary materials

Made of high-quality stainless steel with corrosion resistance;

Adopt upper and lower conjoined sign board design, with anti-collision sponge film on the back.

High-efficiency manure removal motor to ensure stable and reliable transportation.

Plastic leakage floor is used for the breeding of chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, rabbits, sheep and other poultry.

We offer H type, A tiers cages for poultry , including chicken, broiler, layer, breeder, turkey,quails, etc. Please give me your detailed demands to customize for your poultry farm.


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