Evaporative Cooling with Gofee Evaporative Cooling Pads is the ideal and most economical method of cooling.

Gofee evaporative cooling pad is used in systems where high efficiency cooling is required. It can be used for many different cooling purposes but is particularly suitable for cooling of livestock buildings and greenhouses when higher air velocity is required.

The raw wood pulp paper have been bonded together. This unique design yields a cooling pad with high evaporation efficiency while still operating at a very low pressure drop. In addition scaling is kept to a minimum and no water carry-over occurs due to the fact that the water is directed to the air inlet side of the pad.


The impregnation procedure for the raw wood pulp paper ensures a strong self-supporting product, with high absorbance, which is protected against decomposition and rotting and therefore increasing longevity. The water flows down the corrugated surface of the CELdek evaporative cooling pad. Part of the water is evaporated by the warm and dry air that passes through the pad. The rest of the water assists in washing the pad, and is drained back to the pump station through a gutter system. The heat that is needed for the evaporation is taken from the air itself. The air that leaves the pad is therefore cooled and humidified simultaneously without any external energy supply for the evaporation process. This is nature’s own cooling process.


● Green houses, mushroom farming, agrihot and floriculture

● Poultry farms, hatcheries, breeding areas, livestock and dairy farms

● Commercial and industrial areas

● Industrial Coolers


● High evaporation efficiency

● Superb wetting properties

● No water carry-over

● Low scaling

● Self cleaning

● Strong and self supporting

● Long life time

● Low pressure drop when wet, leading to lower operating costs


According to cooling pad's structure and features, Gofee develops various kinds of cooling pad frame to meet the requirements of different regions and different customers. Easy to install, attractive and economic.
Base on different material frame, mainly classified into: aluminum cooling pad frame, PVC deep water groove cooling pad frame.

● Adopting cross-linking technology of new material and space with high water absorption,high water tolerance, mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.

● The product has big evaporation specific surface, the cooling efficiency could reach more than 80%

● The product contains the surfactant, which absorb water naturally, with high speed diffusion and long-lasting efficiency. One drop of water can complete diffusion within 4~5 seconds, the natural water absorption height is 60~70mm/5 minutes; When at 200mm/1.5,it could achieve the international standard of the same industry;

● Product doesn't contain the chemical substances making skin allergic, such as phenol,etc., energy-saving, environment-friendly and affordable;

● Available colors : brown, black, green, etc.

● Mainly classified into: aluminum and PVC deep water groove cooling pad frame. 

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