● It can correct the deviation. Each egg claw is equipped with a stainless steel correction groove, which prolongs the service life of the claw and makes the overall appearance and uniformity.

● The use of a rice-shaped array of reinforcement columns effectively enhances the overall robustness and prevents stress and deformation during transportation.

● Use 3.5 steel wire as an egg picking platform for easy cleaning. The egg-harvesting rake is fixed by a telescopic rice piece, and the angle and distance can be adjusted at will .

● The driving part is an independent unit, with full seam processing. Stable operation and no noise. After beating butter once, there is basically no need to maintain it for life.

● The over-plating process is smooth and realizes the smooth transition of eggs. 

● It runs stably, and basically does not deviate after adjustment.

● The side-plate adjustment design is convenient for installation, convenient and practical.

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