The trolley feeding mode

The feeds are transported by the auger to the trolley hopper at the front of each row. Then the feeds are uniformly distributed into the trough of each tier by a moving trolley. Meanwhile amount of feeds can be adjusted.

Fully cage system includes

● Chicken galvanized cage and frame 
● Fully automatic drinking system 
● Automatic feeding system 
● Fully automatic manure removing system
● Fully automatic birds-harvesting system
● Fully automatic  lighting system 
● Fully automatic environment and electric controller system 


Products name 4 tier H type chicken broiler cageModel9LRC-4192Materialgalvanized wireTiers4 Tiersone unit size2400mm×1620mm×3385mm (L×W×H)unit capacity336 birdsone cell size2400mm×1620mm×500mm (L×W×H)cell capacity84 birds per celllife span15~20 yearsliving space/bird465 cm²

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