May 10, 2023

Warmly Welcome Customers from Korea, Russia and Other Countries to Visit Gofee

Warmly Welcome Customers from Korea, Russia and Other Countries to Visit Gofee

Since March this year, a lot of customers from South Korea, Russia and other countries to visit our Gofee factory for investigation and business communication.



High quality galvanized and plastic dairy fans with AC induction motor or EC motor as options.



72-inch Cyclone fan adopts six deflectors with big air volume and large cooling area. The fans are widely used in dairy farm to make the cows comfortable.




910mm Black painted galvanized dairy fan which is widely used in dairy farms or greenhouse.



Plastic frame dairy fan with PAG blades




Galvanized box fans and cone fans with high corrosion resistant which are widely used for poultry or livestock farm.





Gofee’s asynchronous AC motor and permanent magnet EC motor have passed the certification of CE and UL.  







Gofee 's production lines with equipment and production capacity were get clients'  inspection and recognization




 EC motor working lines





 Gofee AMCA standard wind tunnel laboratory got CNAS anthorized .It Plays an extremely important role on Quality controlling for Common production and Fans be certificated by CCC, CE, SGS, ETL, UL



After visit,customers show great enthusiasm to expand cooperation intention on various products


Permanent magnet EC motor FRP cone fan with butterfly door


Direct drive FRP cone fan series


High quality axial fan and roof fan

Gofee always take fan quality as priority and adhere to technological innovation, and will provide high quality products to global Agricultural and industrial clients and friends.



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