With gradual development of industrial 4.0, internet of things, sensor internet technology, intelligent agriculture and agricultural internet technology provides new solution for modern farm.

Gofee not only provide professional electrical terminal equipment, but also provides internet cloud solution. Farmers can learn environmental data and information of their farm on mobile phone or computer, and timely obtain abnormal alarm information. Control equipment from long distance, and supervise result, realize intelligent raising and save power.


● Connect all farm equipment in a long distance network.

● Obtain and set long distance data.

● Display and search at real time.

● Research history data.

● Manage equipment maintenance information.

Main Parts

It is composed of terminal equipment, communication equipment, internet cloud platform and data center, etc.

PC terminal and mobile app

Gofee supply standard PC terminal and mobile app for customers to realize basis data supervision, configuration from long distance, failure alarm, and history data research, etc.

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