● Simple ventilation structure, easy for everyone to operate;

● Large ventilation in winter, good oxygen for pigs; quiet wind noise, good rest for pigs;

● Stable temperature throughout the year, less stress for pigs ;

● The installed power is small, and the operating cost is low;

● The pig house is closed as a whole, with less heat transfer;

● Completely vertical ventilation, less infection of pigs;

● Absolutely energy-saving and efficient, and low winter costs.

Function realization

1.Vertical and precise ventilation, ensuring that the wind speed to the pig reaches 1.5 meters in summer

2. The shortest wind path, let every pig breathe fresh air for the first time

3. The temperature in the pig house in summer is controlled at about 26 degrees, and extreme weather is controlled at 30 degrees.

4. In winter, heating costs in Northeast China are reduced by 75%, heating costs in North China are reduced by 50%, and heating costs in the South are reduced by 50%.

5. Overall operating costs are low, maintenance costs are low, easy to use, and automatic control.

6. Realize part of the deodorizing function and reduce air pollutionSeven, the one-time input cost is lower


Target ventilation system for pig farm including 

1. Air supply

2. Air exhaust

3. Energy Saving

4. Cooling

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