Product Features

● Adopt hop dip galvanized steel , which is Simple to operate, only need a 90° rotation and a press coordination to lock and unlock.  It is installed between cattle living area and feeding area  ,when the cattle lower its head to feed, the collar holds the cow in place by a self-locking device, allowing the cow to feed independently ;

● Widely used. It can be set with different specifications and sizes according to different body size and age of cattle/cow,

● The headlock prevents food grabs and guides each cow to consume enough feed to ensure nutrition  

● In the locked state, It is easy to immobilize the cattle to examine for vets and is easy breeding ;
● In the open state, cattle can freely in and out.

● In case of emergency, it can quickly open the headlock forward or reverse.
● Common size:Length: 6m,  Head:8, 9, 10

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