September 30, 2021

Gofee’s Targeted Ventilation, Leading New Changes In Traditional Ventilation Modes

Gofee, established in 2008, has been committed to the development, production and sales of livestock equipment. We provide a complete set of livestock farm equipment and planning solutions for the livestock industry.

The four-season constant temperature intelligent pig house built by Gofee is located in Heze, Shandong, next to our factory. The pig house is built with a true ratio of 1:1 and integrates a number of high advanced breeding technologies such as a targeted ventilation system, intelligent feeding and drinking system.

The Targeted Ventilation System is the core part of Gofee's four-season constant temperature intelligent pig house.

According to Pang Jinyou, the director of our Shenzhen Gofee Planning and Design Institute, under the action of the Targeted Ventilation System, the on-site measured house environment meets the design requirements, and the ventilation effect is ideal, reaching the environmental standards for pig breeding and growth.

In this regard, Pang said that the main ventilation equipment is integrated in an independent building at the end of the pig house. This can firstly ensure the complete sealing of the production environment, and secondly reduce the damage of the ventilation equipment caused by dust, etc. It is convenient for subsequent unified operation and maintenance.

Pang further introduced that the targeted ventilation system is divided into four modules: air supply module, exhaust module, energy-saving module, and cooling module.

The air supply and exhaust modules can achieve the best ventilation effect with a small number of fans; the air outlet in the house is equipped with a special adjustable air outlet nozzle, which can adjust the air volume of the nozzle according to the actual environment in the house, which is accurate and efficient.

The energy-saving module and the cooling module can exchange heat by entering and exiting hot and cold air to realize the heat recovery of cold air in the pig house in summer and hot air in winter to achieve energy saving; the fresh air passes through the heat exchange film and sprays outside the tube to absorb heat through water evaporation. The effect of cooling down without increasing air humidity can be achieved.

Under the action of the Targeted Ventilation System, the external natural air first enters the independent building, and is transported to each stall through the roof pipe, and is accurately blown to the pigs by the horn-shaped air outlet, and then collected to the bottom of the stall through the manure leakage board. , Unified discharge.

Pang summarized the eight advantages of Targeted Ventilation: simple ventilation structure, easy for everyone to operate; large ventilation in winter, good oxygen for pigs; quiet wind noise, good rest for pigs; stable temperature throughout the year, less stress for pigs ; The installed power is small, and the operating cost is low; the pig house is closed as a whole, with less heat transfer; completely vertical ventilation, less infection of pigs; absolutely energy-saving and efficient, and low winter costs.

In the future, Gofee's four-season constant temperature intelligent pig house will bring pigs to production. Under the real production environment, the operation effect of the Targeted Ventilation System in the actual production process will be further tested. Gofee will continue to welcome all wordwide clients in this industry to visit and communicate with Gofee Four Seasons Constant Temperature Smart Pig House.



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