September 30, 2021

Gofee Increase EPC Production & Service Efficiency

Gofee is committed to providing customers with the best farm EPC construction plan, and the building intelligent pig farm project is also well received by customers. Building intelligent pig farms can save more than several times of land, greatly reducing the pressure on land resources caused by pig raising. Faced with various factors such as land resources, environmental protection, biosecurity, etc., it is imperative to transform and upgrade the structure of pig farms.

With the fast development of pig raising, Gofee integrates stall system, feeding line system, ventilation system design, planning, and production.

Since June of 2020 , Gofee invested more new equipment, has continued to increase Fan Motor production to be 6 lines,Fan auto-assembly 4 lines. Our production capacity has been improved to meet the production needs of more customers.

GOFEE products are exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Overseas, we are also diversifying product types, striving to provide customers with a variety of products to form a full range of animal husbandry service systems.

GOFEE ventilation equipment include ventilation exhaust fan, cooling pad, air inlet, air cooler(poultry exhaust fan,cooler pad,centrifugal fans,blower,greenhouse ventilation fan,) etc. Our poultry equipment include chicken cage,feeding system and drinking system,And our pig farm equipment include the pig crate/stalls(gestation crates,farrowing crate,fattening stall and nursery stall),pig feeding and drinking system,etc.



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