December 07, 2021

Gofee Monthly Intensive Training

In order to improve the ability and professionalismbetter respond to and serve the needs of  breeding Farmer customers. Gofee regularly conducts intensive training monthly meetings at the beginning of each month.

Dec 1st--3th, 2021, Gofee specially had a strengthen training of targeted ventilation knowledge.

The training  mainly includes

** introduction of targeted ventilation modes,

** principle of constant temperature in four seasons,

**experimental data display,optimization of data comparison,  

**Communicate how to and serve customers  well.

The customer groups not only Swine farmer but also poultry house farmers and other industries in various fields. It is necessary to be more professional and skilled in introducing environmental control systems such as Gofee fans,  controllers,  evaporative cooling pad, side- walls air-inlet etc.  Gofee people also should be proficient in the stall system , feed feeding and water drinking system, manure removal system.

Broiler& Layer’s Cage configuration for poultry breeding such as chickens and ducks,  Feed &water supply line, lighting and cooling spray disinfection devices, etc.


More important purpose for Gofee sales and after-sales service people get comprehensive knowledge,in order to impart to  farmers  about Gofee’s innovative concept of Targeted Ventilation.

               1. Vertical and precise ventilation, ensuring that the wind speed  

               2. The shortest wind path,bring the indoors fresh air quickly

               3. Keep the temperature inside building be constant at about 20-26 centigrade

               4. Heating costs in North  China be reduced by 50% in cold winter season

               5. Overall operating , maintenance costs are low, easy to use, and automatic control

               6. Realize part of the deodorizing function and reduce air pollution

               7. The one-time input cost is lower

 Target Ventilation Innovation Farming Concept  has been bring into  both pig and poultry houses building and operation.

Believe there will be more and more  customers in domestic and abroad get much higher yield and countless benefit due to livestock and poultry 



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