Working Principle

The motor and brush body are suspended on the basis of hanging fixed base parts by fixed connecting pieces, which is characterized by a universal frame, which includes a frame body, a connector at the top of the frame body, a motor fixator at the bottom of the frame body, and the connecting piece is connected with the fixed connecting piece by coaxial rotation; The motor is fixed on the motor fastener. When the cow pushes the cow brush up and tilts, the motor starts automatically and drives the brush body to rotate. When the cow leaves, the motor drives the brush body to continue rotating for a period of time and then stops. It can realize automatic rotation, stop and manual control of brush body.


Product Characteristics

Easy to install;

Flexibly on a wall or a column;

Low energy consumption;

Easy to clean;

Suitable for the use of 50-60 cows;

Promote the passage of cows;

Improve the health and welfare of dairy cows;

Increase the production performance of cattle;

Pre installed,the installation easier, can be installed in any open house or outdoors.

Product Data

Product Name:

Cow Brush

Brush size

500*600 mm or customized

Brush Material:

PP, nylon

Handle Material:


Filament material :

More polypropylene(hard wire pp)

The thickness of the shaft:


Brush diameter:



ID 125-127mm

Rotational speed:

22-24 round per minute


Carton Box 520*520*620mm



Delivery time:

15-20daysa after deposit



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