Product Characteristics

1. Material: all the steel pipes for making cow lock are made of internal and external hot-dip galvanizing technology. The galvanized layer penetrates into the inner wall of the pipe, which can guarantee no rust for 20 years.

2. Process: all fasteners are used to connect and assemble, minimizing welding operations, eliminating fire hazards, reducing burrs and other damage to cattle, and not easy to rust, beautiful, safe and durable.

3. Control: the self-locking central control device can lock and release one or more cattle, and a single control can treat different needs of different cattle. When the cow reaches for the trough, the self-locking device activates and immobilizes the cow.

Product Data


Product Name


Length for each groug             ( mm)



Cow Headlock

Solid Hot-dipped galvanized


6,7,8,9,10 cows       are all available

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