February 25, 2022

GOFEE’S Pig Farm EPC Case

Guangdong Xinhuiyuan 5000 Sows Project

What equipment should a high standard 5000 sow project have?

Gofee undertakes key equipment EPC projects

Project introduction

Guangdong Xinhuiyuan 5000 sows project is a four-storey breeding-gestation building, a four-storey farrowing building, and two four-storey fattening buildings.

In view of the stricter requirements on design standards and equipment configuration of building pig farms in terms of environmental control, feeding lines, stalls, deodorization, water lines, lighting, high-pressure washing, and manure scraping board systems, Gofee actively responded to the challenges and undertaken equipment EPC. Under the premise of high standards and high efficiency requirements, ensure the smooth completion of the project! 

Installation of Cooling Pads and Shutters

Fiberglass Ventilation Fan

Feeding Line Installation

Silo Installation

Deodorization System


The project has been completed as a whole, and pigs have been raised!

Since its establishment in 2008, Gofee Husbandry has been committed to the EPC project of livestock and poultry houses and pig farms.We provide customers with a complete set of pig farm equipment and solutions. We are modern company integrating whole farm planning and design, equipment production, product research and development, and engineering construction services.



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