March 21, 2022

Gofee Report of Targeted Ventilation Experimental Pig House

It's so quick for more Piglets again to enter GOFEE experimental pig house, though the scenery of 2021 pig raising is still vivid. Now, let's review the development of our Gofee Pig house and do a summary of actual production data.

Targeted Ventilation's Principal

it realizes quantitative and accurate ventilation for each pig in the pig house through air duct pipe and dung ditch exhaust system. It is a ventilation system for cooling in summer, and heating in winter for energy saving, environmental protection, and deodorization. It is affected through heat exchange, water cooling evaporation and spray, etc solution. In the first calculation of wind resistance and wind speed of pipes, air supply holes, and exhaust holes, it is controlled that the air volume at each position of the pig house is basically the same, so as to even uniform ventilation. 

The targeted ventilation's purpose mainly is energy conservation, green ecology, recycling, and constant temperature in a year around.

GOFEE's Pig House Information

  • Pig house completed on Aug 01, 2021. 

  • Started Pig Feeding on Oct.30th,2021.


36 meters long, 13 meters wide, and 2.6 meters in Height. There are 12 Fatten Columns indoors.


Uniform air supplying

because the fresh air system in the pig house is adjusted according to the outdoor temperature and indoor temperature. It is very important to keep the ambient temperature indoors under the condition of ensuring that the dust and harmful gas in the pig house are within the limit. Generally speaking, it should be in high Airflow volume during noontime, because the temperature is the highest a day. And the air volume should be reduced around the 2:00-4:00 PM  time period. The air volume is the largest in July/August in summer and the smallest in December and January in winter. When the air volume changes constantly, it is necessary to ensure that the air volume of each air outlet keeps the same. It requires that the air outlet section should be automatically adjusted according to the air volume to achieve the purpose of uniform air supply.

Uniform Air exhausting

In order to achieve uniform air in all positions of the pig house, it is necessary to ensure that there is no superposition of temperature and waste gas at each point of the pig house. The fewer pigs between the air outlet and inlet the better. The distance shall be well controlled. Air inlet volume shall be consistent, as well as outlet, under the working conditions with different ventilation requirements. Achieve the same optimal ventilation effect at all corners of the pig house.



  • the lowest temperature indoor is 18˚ C, and the maximum indoor temperature difference is 2.8˚ C.

  • the lowest temperature is - 13 ˚ C   and the maximum outdoor temperature difference is 26˚ C,

  • Uniform air supply and Even exhaust, keep good air quality indoors.

Live Shot of Pig House


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