November 01, 2022

Meeting with the Kenya Ambassador

Meeting with the Kenya  Ambassador



Kenya's Ambassador to China, Mary Mo Dani a party of 3 people, on Oct 26, 2022.  visit Heze investigation

The meeting was attended by Ambassadors, Deputy Mayor of HEZE, head of Kenya exchange of Heze Municipal GOVERNMENT, leading cadres of relevant organs, representatives OF 

6 enterprises and many enthusiastic enterprises.

At the meeting, the deputy Mayor warmly welcomed the Kenyan delegates and said Heze was very happy to be a long-term sister city of Kenya. The Kenyan side reviewed the import 

and export trade data and found that more than 90% of the products Kenya imports are from China. Kenya hopes to have long-term friendly cooperation and increase exports to 


Our representative, as one of the six business representatives, made a brief introduction about our company, products and exports. The Kenyan representative also expressed great 

interest. Kenya represents the potential for peak product demand in East Africa. 

We sincerely hope that China-Africa friendship and cooperation will continue.



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