● The main feed line is divided into tower type and ground bucket type; the tower is made of galvanized steel plate or glass steel, and the volume of the tower can be specifically designed according to the number of chickens (about 0.65t per cubic meter of feed);

● The automatic electric control box is equipped with a material level sensor to improve the accuracy of feeding;

● The feeding system runs smoothly, which can deliver feed to each tray and ensure sufficient feed;

● The height of the feed pan can be raised and lowered according to the different ages of the chickens, which is easy to clean and can be removed for cleaning.


● The feeding pan is 13 grids;

● The 6-level feeding design can meet the feed intake of chickens of different ages;

● The material tray is made of PE plastic without filling;

● Each tray can accommodate 50-70 chickens

Feeding pipe

● Feeding storage capacity of the material pipe: 400-500g/m; 

● Material pipe points: 4 holes/3 meters, 3 holes/3 meters; 

● Diameter: Φ45mm

● Feeding: galvanized steel pipe, 

● Galvanized layer thickness: 250g/m2; 

● Wall thickness: 1.2mm; 

● Feeding capacity: 450kg/h

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