The main features of the broiler feeding pan

● The material door switch can adjust the discharge amount, and the adjustment method is convenient, fast and accurate;

● The V-shaped corrugated plate bottom can reduce the amount of stock at the bottom of the plate, which is convenient for chickens to eat fresh;

● The edge of the feed pan is inclined to the center of the pan to prevent the feed from spilling out and causing waste;

● Smooth inwardly inclined outer edges to prevent broiler crops from being injured, and to eat safely and comfortably.

● Feedingshoe-the diameter of the connecting pipe is 45mm; with a galvanized grille.

● Feeding tube--the thickness of the double-sided galvanized layer is not less than 275g/square meter, the diameter is 45mm, 3m/piece (3 holes; 4 holes are optional).

● Auger-imported synthetic steel material, diameter 35.43mm.

● Feeding tray----13 grid tray to ensure sufficient feeding space, suitable for one-day-old chickens to large chickens. The red PP material is durable and easier to attract chickens to eat.

● Control panel-including imported probe, high sensitivity.

● Feeding line suspension system: including steel wire rope (galvanized steel wire rope and stainless steel wire rope are two options) nylon rope, rope buckle, winch, pulley and other accessories.

● Driver--0.75kw, 3-phase, protection level IP55, reduction ratio 5:1. Suitable for 380V.

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