Gofee's Products

Complete solutions for Poultry house , Livestock, Greenhouse, etc.

Pig Farm Equipment

This is a ventilation window blinds for side wall ventilation and fan shutters of the farm. It can be installed directly in the wall or as a fan window blind.

The environmental controller precisely controls temperature and humidity within your grow area. It adopts latest intelligent controlling technology, combing temperature, humidity, ventilation with livestock raising technology,

Gofee single sided wall air inlet(GF-IL1000) for swine and poultry market. Used to bring the outside air, via the walls or the ceiling, depending on the situation and preference of the customer.

Professional heater for poultry farm and pig farm. 100% heat exchange efficiency, 75kW net heating power. For various large area heating environment, providing best heating volume.

Gofee side wall ventilation window for swine and poultry market. Used to bring the outside air via the walls.Great for minimum to maximum ventilation when you need precise control of air movement.

Gofee butterfly type air inlet for swine market. Its curved blades direct air along the ceiling for proper air mixing and minimizes condensation and freeze-up.


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