The drinking bowl is composed of a drinking vessel body, a valve stem, a copper ball and a water filter. In the water diversion type, the pig's mouth pushes the valve stem upwards to push the copper ball upwards, and the water flows out from the gap between the steel ball and the drinking fountain for the pigs to drink. After drinking, the steel ball and valve stem rely on self-repetition, and at the same time, the water outlet is tightly sealed under the action of water pressure, which not only effectively saves water resources, but also reduces artificial water supply. It is a standing drinking equipment for modern pig farms.


● Healthy drinking water, using the healthy direct drinking method, the water will be automatically discharged when the mouth is touched, so that the water does not leak.
● Save water, obviously save more than 30% of water, reduce sewage discharge in farms, and save costs.
● Environmentally friendly and durable, with excellent materials, avoiding illness and wasting water from drinking unclean water sources, so that the piglets can grow up healthily.

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