Gofee's Products

Complete solutions for Poultry house , Livestock, Greenhouse, etc.

Cowshed Equipment

Economical and practical, suitable for lactating cattle, mature cattle, young cattle, pregnant cattle, widely used at home and abroad .

Convenient for sheep fixation, flexible opening and closing when sheep head down to feed,

The production effect of cow breeding, especially modern factory cow breeding, depends not only on the health status, genetic properties

Evaporative Cooling with Gofee Evaporative Cooling Pads is the ideal and most economical method of cooling

Cow house fans are widely used in cow houses, with good cooling effect and strong ventilation capacity;

Professional heater for poultry farm and cow farm. 100% heat exchange efficiency,

The vertical direction of the airflow can make the ventilation in the house more uniform, avoid cross-infection of lateral ventilation,

Barn Air Inlet Roof/Ceiling with dual sides or four sides ventilation window, opening automatically in different size according to negative pressure change.

Gofee multi-layer inlet window with double layers sunshine board used to bring the outside air via the walls.

Gofee multi-layer air inlet window with single layer sunshine board used to bring the outside air via the walls.

This is a ventilation window blinds for side wall ventilation and fan shutters of the farm. It can be installed directly in the wall or as a fan window blind.

Gofee single sided wall air inlet(GF-IL1000) for swine and poultry market. Used to bring the outside air, via the walls or the ceiling, depending on the situation and preference of the customer.


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