Gofee's Products

Complete solutions for Poultry house , Livestock, Greenhouse, etc.


The environmental controller precisely controls temperature and humidity within your grow area.

This is a ventilation window blinds for side wall ventilation and fan shutters of the farm.

Gofee multi-layer inlet window with double layers sunshine board used to bring the outside air via the walls.

The air cooler is composed of a special paper corrugated honeycomb wet curtain with a large surface area

Barn Air Inlet with dual sides or four sides, opening automatically in different size according

Gofee single sided wall air inlet(GF-IL1000) for swine and poultry market.

Gofee butterfly type air inlet for swine market.

Gofee side wall ventilation window for swine and poultry market.

Scientific interior angle design and self-locking performance;

Large ventilation in winter, good oxygen for pigs; quiet wind noise, good rest for pigs;

The Lock Channel is special used for the greenhouse. Now is widely sold all over the world with high quality and competitive price.

The U channel spring wire is widely used in the greenhouse, now is popular in the world.


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